TusPark Ventures (also known as TusPark Capital) is the venture capital investment arm of Tsinghua University. In 2001, TusPark Ventures was established to function as a platform to incubate, develop and industrialize discoveries in Tsinghua Science Park to promote technology innovation and entrepreneurship.
Today, TusPark Ventures manages over 500M USD in capital and assets, with a focus on early-stage, high-technology investments. By leveraging Tsinghua’s world-class incubation know-how, facilities and resources, TusPark Ventures has developed “VC + Incubation” as a best practice business model in China.
Over the past 10 years, TusPark Ventures has invested in over 80+ portfolio companies covering TMT, New Materials, Life Science, Clean-Tech and other industrial sectors. Numerous portfolio companies have listed on either NASDAQ or Chinese stock exchanges, and have realized promising financial returns for our limited partners.
Ultimately, TusPark Ventures’ experience proves that our business model provides a multi-WIN scenario for entrepreneurs, investors, government, university, industries as well as ourselves as fund managers.