In August 1994, Tsinghua Science Park Development Center was established.
In August 1999, Tsinghua Science Park was appointed a core initiative within the strategic plan for Zhongguancun Science Park, and started to develop its business model of “investment + incubation.”
In July 2000, Tsinghua Science Park Construction Co. Ltd was established (later renamed as Tuspark Holding Co. Ltd).
In March 2001, Tsinghua Science Park Business Incubator Co. Ltd (later renamed as Tuspark Ventures) and Tsinghua Science Park Technology Asset Management Co. Ltd were founded.
In April 2001, Tsinghua Business Incubator Co. Ltd. Invested in Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd., which became the first portfolio company for the venture firm.
In May 2002, Tsinghua Science Park Technology Asset Management Co. Ltd. became one of the first partners of the Zhongguancun Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Introduction Fund.
At the end of 2002, Tsinghua Science Park initiated a campaign for venture capital fund raising, and started to form a professional venture capital fund management team.
In August 2003, Tsinghua Science Park was ranked as the only Class A university-owned Science Park in China by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education.
In May 2004, Tsinghua Science Park Public Testing Service Platform was established, the first one of the Beijing Municipal Technology Supporting Platform.
In summer 2005, Tsinghua Science Park incubator was selected as the first strategic partner, by the Haidian District government, to form a high-tech service platform for SME companies.
In April 2005, Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club(TEEC) was founded in Tsinghua Science Park, and its administration office was hosted by Tuspark Ventures.
In May 2005, Tiangen was acquired by Qiagen, thus marking the first portfolio company of Tuspark Ventures which was acquired by a multinational company.
In January 2006, Tuspark Ventures became the first institutional venture capital firm involved in China’s OTC market trial.
In Spring 2006, Tuspark Ventures initiated and co-sponsored the famous entrepreneur mentorship program Cradle Plan, together with Silicon Valley based Asian American Multi-technology Association(AAMA).
In June 2006, Tuspark Venture Fund I was launched.
In September 2006, Tsinghua Science Park launched Diamond Plan, aimed to support, help and promote fast-growing companies.
In November 2006, Tuspark Ventures invested in iReal Technology Co., Ltd., which eventually became the first company to be listed on China’s OTC Board.
In May 2007, one of Tuspark Venture’s portfolio companies, Spreadtrum Communication, went IPO on NASDAQ.
In July 2007, Tsinghua Science Park Technology Asset management Co. Ltd. was renamed to Tuspark Ventures.
In August 2007, the Zhongguancun government Fund of Funds (FoF) invested into Tuspark Ventures Fund I, and Tuspark Ventures became its first General Partner (GP). 
In December 2008, Tuspark Ventures raised Tuspark Ventures Fund II, becoming the first GP of Beijing SME Venture Capital FoF, which is managed by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
In November 2009, Tsinghua University Education Foundation invested into the Tuspark Ventures Fund as a limited partner (LP). Tuspark Venture became the first VC in China to receive an investment from a university endowment fund.
At the end of 2009,Tuspark Ventures was appointed as the first batch of GPs in the “Emerging Industries Venture Capital Program”, which is a FoF managed by the National Development and Reform Commission.
In March 2010, a portfolio company, Highlander Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (300065), listed on the High-Growth Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
In April 2010, the portfolio company, Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd. (300079) was listed on the Shenzhen High-Growth Board.
In April 2010, Tuspark Venture was appointed as the first GP partner of Haidian government VC FoF.
In August 2010, Tuspark Ventures Fund III was launched.
In July 2011, TusPark Ventures participated in the initiation of Zhongguancun Venture Capital and Equity Investment Association. Luo Zhuo served as the first Board of Supervisors.
In July 2012, TusPark Ventures participated in the founding of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Association. Luo Zhuo served as the first President.
In December 2012, the TusPark Ri Xin Investment Fund was established, once again receiving investment from the Beijing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Venture Capital Fund.
In September 2014, Tsinghua Holdings increased capital investments into TusPark Ventures to become its largest shareholder.
In June 2015, through the cooperation between TusPark Ventures and Tsinghua University Office of Technology Transfer, the Tsinghua Innovation Fund was established, with a scale of 500 million RMB.