Dr. Lin LEI
Founding Partner & Managing Director

Prior to joining Tuspark Ventures, Lin Lei was CEO of Tsi. Photon Ltd., which was acquired by Hong Kong HuaXiang Electronics Corporation (HKSE: 8115); and Director and CFO of MIL.EASY (BVI) Ltd.. Since he joined Tuspark Ventures, he has played a key role in many investment projects and stay in board member positions, such as ACCB Biotech, VAGON Cartronics, Hisign Technology, and Star Software, etc.
Lin Lei received his Ph.D. degree from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University in 2002. He then joined School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, as a post doctoral researcher. His research area was finance and venture capital.
Lin Lei is actively involved with several professional societies. He is the member of ERP Professional Committee, China Electronics Society and the member of IEEE. He also holds CDAF diploma issued by ACCA.