Mr. Qiang Liu
Director of Risk Management

Mr. Liu, director of risk management at TusPark Ventures, has over 10 years of experience in enterprise financing, corporate internal control, fund raising and investments. Since 1999, Mr. Liu has worked in a number of IT industry companies including Datang Telecom, Harbour Networks and StarPoint Communication.
In 2010, as the CFO at TWT Global, Mr. Liu started to concentrate on investments, specifically micro-credit loan, pawn-brokerage, underwriting, and direct investments. A year later, Mr. Liu concurrently served as Principal at Flourish Libra Venture, managing more than 10 PE/VC “FOF” funds.
Mr.Liu has a bachelor degree form the Economics and Management School of Tusinghua University. Mr.Liu obtained the membership of CGA(Certified General Accountants Association of Canada)  in 2002.